Scouting own team.

We offer the analysis of our own team to any club.

This can be done directly (moving to the football field to see and record a game or training) or indirectly (Based on the images you record with a video camera and then you have to send for analysis).

This analysis will consist of a thorough study of the game in order to detect and correct the weaknesses of the team both individually and collectively, as well as to strengthen the strengths, equally at the individual and collective level.

Through this analysis and its subsequent study, we will achieve:

-Improve both technically and tactically, especially the actions to be performed by the team during the game, individually and collectively.

-Discover the mistakes that players make during training and games, whatever their type (Tactical, Technical, Physical, etc.)

-Improve the understanding between coaches and players as well as better understand the game.

-Perfect the Game Model.

You will be given a detailed analysis of your team's study, both in the written Report and in a Video-Report.

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