Exhibition Football Club, Internacional FC.

Throughout the year we will make various friendly matches, Tournaments or Tours with our team, the International FC, for these games will be a selection of registered players.

The ultimate goal of these games is to show the potential of the players to the other clubs so they choose to sign one of the players and can make the jump to professional football, it is a good way to show players through a well-known club and loved in Spain.

The games are recorded on video, delivering a copy to each player for online download.

If you are interested in participating it is possible that we can help you, ideally in your case is to prepare a football curriculum indicating your contact information (name, surname, email, mobile), physical profile (weight, height, skillful foot), data Personal (Nationality, Date of Birth) and Everything related to your Sports History (Position, Club history, Photos, Videos, etc ...) and send it to us.

Depending on your curriculum and your characteristics, we will assess whether we can help you to participate in our International FC project.

The rates will depend on the type of event, whether it is a single match, a Tournament or a Tour.

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