Scouting players.

On the one hand we offer the completion of a comprehensive analysis on any football player.

This can be done directly (Moving to the football field to see and record a game, Training, Personal interview ...) or indirectly (Based on the images you record with a video camera and then you have to send for analysis ).

This analysis will consist of a thorough study of the player in order to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the player both individually and collectively including in detail their technical, tactical, physical, psychological, etc ...

In this analysis we will make a written report and a video report, an analysis of the potential, strengths and weaknesses in order to start working on certain aspects of the game in order to progress as a footballer.

You will be given the detailed analysis of the player in both the written report and a video report.

Likewise we can recommend to your club players according to their needs: (Position in the field, Physical Characteristics, Techniques, Tactics, Geographical Location, etc ...), we take care of the search of that player for your club, and if in necessary we make a report both in writing and in video.

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