The Tryouts consist in the realization of soccer matches to see the level of the registered players, once all the matches are made, the most outstanding players will be selected and they will be helped to find a club or they will be directly selected by a club, in these Tryouts It is quite normal that Scouts of different clubs and players agents are invited, so the chances of finding a club for the most talented players increase.

Generally, games are recorded on video, giving a copy to each player for online download.

If you are interested in participating it is possible that we can help you, ideally in your case is to prepare a football curriculum indicating your contact information (name, surname, email, mobile), physical profile (weight, height, skillful foot), data Personal (Nationality, Date of Birth) and Everything related to your Sports History (Position, Club history, Photos, Videos, etc ...) and send it to us.

Depending on your curriculum and your characteristics, we will assess if we can help you participate in a Tryout.

The rates will depend on the type of tests.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us in the "CONTACT US" section of the menu.

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